Changeover Driveshaft Assembly

The most common, and cost effective, solution to CV Joint problems is to replace the damaged CV Driveshaft with a reconditioned unit, or in some cases recondition your exisiting driveshaft.


Each reconditioned CV Driveshaft is completely serviced; pulled apart and inspected for wear. The Inner CV Joint is checked and repacked with fresh grease, then fitted with a new CV Boot and bands. A new Outer CV Joint is also fitted along with fresh grease and another new CV Boot and bands.


A changeover unit means it is in exchange for your old CV Driveshaft.


In the chance we don’t have a Changeover Driveshaft in stock to suit your vehicle, as some particular makes of car have many variances for the same model, we may be able to recondition your driveshaft. This isn't a timely process and can usually have a turn over of an hour in most cases.


The benefit of a reconditioned unit is you maintain the integrity of your original driveshaft. Great value is also a plus!


"We only use quality parts. Our aim isn't to give you the cheapest product, but the best quality and value for money."



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